tienne Demonte founded the "Atelier", named after his family name together with his sons André and Rodrigo Demonte. The mission of the Atelier Demonte is to produce, disseminate information and increase interest in wildlife art in Brazil and abroad.

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This group of wildlife artists search for inspiration observing themes of the native fauna and flora, studied 'in locu' during their regular field trips.
Their work has received the approval of renowned cultural institutions around the world, and can be found in the collections of organizations like the Hunt Institute, Pitsburg USA.
In 1986 they were accompanied by a crew from the National Geographic Society during an expedition in the heart of Brazil. The images from the expedition generated the awarded documentary "Brazil´s wildlife in Watercolour".
The Atelier has developed a project called "Prints Workshop" to produce artesanal prints in several processes. Limited series of lithographs signed and watercolored individually by the author gives them an unique hand-made character which is very atractive to collectors. A botanical ilustrations series will be edited soon.
The Atelier offers personalized courses on wildlife art, botanical and zoological illustration. Workshops and intensive courses are planned to suit the interests and needs of participants.
Techniques of accelerated learning and development based on the principles of motivation and involvement. Apprentices from the atelier have ben successful in exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, some of them having obtained prizes from galleries and other art institutions.

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